The residential development of Camposol in Mazarron
Around 5,000 homes, most occupied by expats, just a few kilometres from Mazarrón and the Mediterranean coast The urbanization or residential development of Camposol is located in what was, until around 30 years ago, the open countryside of the..

Outlying districts of Mazarron: El Saladillo
El Saladillo in Mazarrón includes the Camposol development El Saladillo is a pedanía or outlying district covering 70 square kilometres, located to the north of Mazarrón with its nucleus 15 km from the town. Although the original population..

Mazarron Country Club in the municipality of Mazarron
The Country Club offers both residential and rental properties just a short drive from the town of Mazarrón Mazarrón Country Club is a private residential area of approximately 800 houses, situated in the hills near the town of Mazarrón, around..

The wetlands of Las Moreras in Mazarron
A protected nature reserve and Ramsar site between Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón The landscape in and around Mazarrón is generally dry, but there is a pocket of 72 hectares of land near the coast between Puerto de Mazarrón and Bolnuevo which..

The coastal village of Bolnuevo in the municipality of Mazarron
Bolnuevo was the scene of the Miracle of Mazarrón in 1585 and is now home to a multinational community The coastal locality of Bolnuevo is part of the wide variety of landscapes and environments which can be found in the municipality of Mazarrón..

Outlying districts of Mazarron, La Atalaya
La Atalaya is a small village a few kilometres west of Mazarrón The outlying district (or "pedanía") of La Atalaya is a small farming community located a few kilometres west of the town of Mazarrón and is currently home to 156 people..

Outlying districts of Mazarron, Cañada de Gallego
Cañada de Gallego is home to agriculture and unspoilt beaches on the Mazarrón coastline The outlying village of Cañada de Gallego is 11 km from Mazarrón, and in terms of population it is one of the largest in the municipality with 1,213 inhabitants..

Outlying districts of Mazarron, Leiva
The village of Leiva in Mazarrón and the Coto de Fortuna mines The village of Leiva lies to the west of the town of Mazarrón, and according to the Padrón register in 2021 was home to 307 inhabitants (including 48 non-Spanish Europeans). it is..

Outlying districts of Mazarron: Ifre-Pastrana
A rural district in the west of the municipality of Mazarrón The pedanía or outlying district of Ifre-Pastrana is approximately 12 kilometres south-west of Mazarrón, and was part of Cañada de Gallego (Ifre-Gallego) until 1970: for this reason..

Outlying districts of Mazarron, Gañuelas
A small rural community in the countryside of Mazarrón The small village of Gañuelas is close to the Sierra de la Almenara and occupies two slopes facing each other. On one of them there are various whitewashed houses consisting of manmade caves..

Outlying districts of Mazarron, La Majada
La Majada is just west of the town of Mazarrón and is home to the castle of Calentín La Majada is a small hamlet 9 kilometres west of Mazarrón, with just 184 inhabitants according to the "padrón" or local register in 2021. Over 50 of..

Outlying districts of Mazarron, Cañadas del Romero
Cañadas del Romero is a rural community in the north of Mazarrón Cañadas del Romero is in the north of the municipality of Mazarrón, about 20 km from the town itself and close to the boundaries with Alhama de Murcia and Totana, which are..

Outlying districts of Mazarron, Balsicas
The coastal district of Balsicas includes El Alamillo close to Puerto de Mazarrón Balsicas is a small village 7 kilometres south-east of the town of Mazarrón and just outside Puerto de Mazarrón. The district bearing the same name extends to the..

Outlying districts of Mazarron: El Mingrano
El Mingrano is on the boundary between Mazarrón and Fuente Álamo El Mingrano is an arid, mountainous area on the boundary between the municipalities of Mazarrón, Cartagena and Fuente Álamo, characterized by mountain agriculture. There is very..