The Via Verde de Mazarrón walking and cycling route: first section
The 14-kilometre Vía Verde welcomes walkers and cyclists between Mazarrón and La Pinilla When it was decided in the early 20th century that a railway should be built linking Mazarrón to the intended line between Cartagena and Totana the engineers and construction workers involved could hardly have imagined that their project would eventually become a greenway for the use of walkers and cyclists, but that is exactly what has happened...

The wetlands of Las Moreras in Mazarron
A protected nature reserve and Ramsar site between Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón The landscape in and around Mazarrón is generally dry, but there is a pocket of 72 hectares of land near the coast between Puerto de Mazarrón and Bolnuevo which has been included in the Ramsar network of wetlands throughout the world. The wetlands of Las Moreras occupy the final stretch of the rambla (an irregular stream which fills with water only in times..

Rambla de El Cañar, Isla Plana-Tallante
A 7km walk along the Rambla del Cañar, Tallante-Isla Plana, PR-15 Level: Easy The rambla, a floodwater channel which is usually dry, runs from the coast at Isla Plana through inland to the village of Tallante, and the route is classified as the PR-15. It features spectacular landscapes and beds of cañas, or bamboo reeds. What makes this walk so spectacular is that it runs along the foot of the majestic Lomas de las Carrascas, the..

Mazarrón Marina and Cabezo de la Cebada
Cabezo de la Cebada viewing point and Club de Regatas Mazarrón The Cabezo de la Cebada is the headland between the Playa de Bahía beach and the Playa de la Ermita on the south-facing coastline of Mazarrón, and has been equipped with wooden decking to create walkways and seating areas, leading up to an attractive viewing point at the top. This decking  continues along the front of the Playa de la Ermita. A quaint custom amongst local..

Sierra de las Herrerías, Leiva, Mazarrón
The Sierra de las Herrerías in Mazarrón is perfect for walking, cycling and picnics The Sierra de las Herrerías is a little-known oasis within the municipality of Mazarrón which offers interesting routes for both cyclists and walkers as well as being an attractive picnic spot with views out across the Gulf of Mazarrón and the surrounding countryside.  Heading out of Mazarrón on the RM-D4, after passing through Leiva drivers see..

The Cabezo del Plomo in Las Moreras Mazarrón
Cabezo del Plomo, a 5,000-year-old Chalcolithic settlement in Mazarrón Time scale 2980-3220 BC This archaeological site is located on a long, flat-topped hill, looking out over the flood channel known as Rambla de Las Moreras or Rambla de Susana. It is strategically located in an easily defendable position with views of the sea, and although not linked to the Sierra de las Moreras, is protected by the mountains. This is one of the most..

The Vía Crucis route in La Pinilla, Mazarron
El Calvario de La Pinilla La Pinilla is a hamlet located midway between  Las Palas and the main road between Mazarrón and Alhama de Murcia, and although nowadays it is a sleepy little village it has a surprisingly interesting history.  One of the features of the village of La Pinilla, which is within the boundaries of the municipality of Fuente Álamo although it is closer to Mazarrón, is the walk along a charming "Vía Crucis"..