January 29 Bolnuevo cross country races in the municipality of Mazarron
Racing and a non-competitive hike along the unspoilt coastline of the east of Mazarrón The 9th annual “Cross Trail Calas de Bolnuevo” event is being held on January 29 along the coastline and coves of Bolnuevo, with runners competing over distances of 11 and 21 kilometres and a parallel non-competitive 11-comeptitive hike being organized at the same time. Racing begins at 10.00 at the eroded rock formations of Bolnuevo and registration..

February 3-5 Tour of Guadalentin-Murcia Region cycle race
A stage of La Vuelta Ciclista al Guadalentín – Región de Murcia will start in Mazarrón for the first time Mazarrón is bracing itself for a sporting first next week having been selected by the Murcia Region's Cycling Federation to host a start in the 6th Tour of Guadalentín-Murcia Region cycle race, the first national stage competition in the Elite and U23 calendar.   The race will be completed in three stages. The first will..

Diving in and around Puerto de Mazarrón
Wreck diving and a selection of fascinating locations for divers in the Mazarrón area The 35 kilometres of coastline in the gulf of Mazarrón, between the headlands of Cabo Cope and Cabo Tiñoso, are home to a multitude of isolated coves as well as long, sandy beaches, and the dive opportunities here include numerous underwater caves which are suitable for both beginners and experts. Most of the preferred dives are within 10 miles of the port..

The Via Verde de Mazarrón walking and cycling route: first section
The 14-kilometre Vía Verde welcomes walkers and cyclists between Mazarrón and La Pinilla When it was decided in the early 20th century that a railway should be built linking Mazarrón to the intended line between Cartagena and Totana the engineers and construction workers involved could hardly have imagined that their project would eventually become a greenway for the use of walkers and cyclists, but that is exactly what has happened...

Fishing permitted on Mazarrón beaches all year: rules and regulations
Mazarrón allows beach fishing all year on designated beaches In August 2018 the Town Hall of Mazarrón issued a statement reminding local fishing enthusiasts about the local regulations governing fishing on the beaches of the municipality, and the three specific zones for angling in areas which are neither popular with bathers nor designated dog-friendly beaches. Municipal rules state that fishing is to be banned at all times of day at..

Sporting beaches: Surfing at the Playa de la Reya in Mazarron
A popular beach with surfers near the centre of Puerto de Mazarrón The Playa de la Reya is a long, curving beach which adjoins Playa Bahía, Playa de la Pava and the Cabezo de Gavilanes viewing point in the built-up area of Puerto de Mazarrón.  It is 1.9 kilometres from the town centre of Puerto de Mazarrón and is easily accessed from Avenida D.José Alarcón Palacios, which forms part of the long coastal road which heads towards..

Rambla de El Cañar, Isla Plana-Tallante
A 7km walk along the Rambla del Cañar, Tallante-Isla Plana, PR-15 Level: Easy The rambla, a floodwater channel which is usually dry, runs from the coast at Isla Plana through inland to the village of Tallante, and the route is classified as the PR-15. It features spectacular landscapes and beds of cañas, or bamboo reeds. What makes this walk so spectacular is that it runs along the foot of the majestic Lomas de las Carrascas, the..

Sporting beaches: Surfing at the Playa del Mojón Mazarrón
A shingle and sand beach on the Mazarrón-Cartagena border which is also popular with surfers A 450-metre long blue flag beach The Playa del Mojón is the first beach in the Mazarrón municipality crossing over from the Cartagena border and is on the edge of Isla Plana (Cartagena municipality) and the Puerto de Mazarrón. It’s often listed as one of the Isla Plana beaches and some guides show it as being within the Cartagena municipality..

Sporting beaches: Jet-ski hire, beach fishing and windsurfing, Playa Alamillo Mazarrón
Blue flag semi-urban beach, popular with windsurfers and fishermen 600 metres long with sand and shingle This is a semi-urban Mediterranean beach, and is the fourth beach in a line of 31 Mediterranean beaches which stretch along the Mazarrón coastline between the borders of the Cartagena municipality and that of  Lorca. This beach is 600 metres long, with an average width of 14 metres, narrower and stonier at the Isla Plana and Playa..

Mountain biking facilities Mazarrón municipality
The Media Legua sports park between Mazarrón and the Puerto de Mazarrón now has 3 cycling tracks Mazarrón has 3 cycling facilities within the municipality, based at the Media  Legua de Mazarrón sports complex, located half way between Mazarrón and the Puerto de Mazarrón. The complex  has three facilities: A Bicicleta Todo Terreno (BTT) all terrain bicycle course, a BMX park and a Trial Bike park, all opened in the early part of 2013..

Skatepark, Puerto de Mazarrón
Suitable for skateboarding, roller skating and bmx biking The Puerto de Mazarrón has a municipal skate park which is located in Calle de la Torre, Puerto de Mazarrón, in the jardín de San Pedro. This is close to the sporting marina in the heart of the port. The park has been designed to offer a recreational zone for those who enjoy skateboarding, roller skating and bmx biking, with a basketball ring. Click for map, Calle las Torres, Puerto..

Mazarron Polideportivo Municipal de Mazarrón
Mazarron sporting facilities Polideportivo Jesus Canovas Valenzuela Polideportivo Municipal de Mazarrón  Jesus Canovas Valenzuela Calle La Vía  Click for map, Calle La Vía Mazarrón Tel 968 590 513   Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 2pm and 4pm to 10pm Saturdays 9am to 2pm and 4pm to 9pm Open throughout the year   There are facilities here for basketball, volleyball, tennis and five a side football . During..

Pabellón Municipal de Deportes de Mazarrón
Mazarrón Sporting Facilities Pabellon Municipal La Aceña This is the main multi-purpose sports pavilion in the main town of Mazarrón and has a good range of basic facilities including a large multi-use sports hall. The facilities are split onto two separate plots, but tickets for the padel courts are sold from the main sports hall. Click for map, Calle de Santo Tomás Pabellón Municipal de Deportes de Mazarrón Calle de los Santo..

Municipal stadium Mazarrón
Estadio Municipal Mazarrón  Municipal Football Stadium Mazarrón This is the home of Mazarrón FC and is only open when the team are playing or training. It has a good amount of seating and is fully lit for evening fixtures. Catering facilities are available when the team are playing. Parking: There is plenty of parking along the road itself and opposite to the entrance is a parking area which is also used during local fiestas...