Plaza del Ayuntamiento Mazarron
The central square in front of the Town Hall of Mazarrón The Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Mazarrón is the square which is fringed by some of the most important buildings in the town, including the Ayuntamiento (the modern Town Hall), the church of San Andrés and the Casas Consistoriales, which used to be the Town Hall. This area of Mazarrón was built when the mining operations of Mazarrón were booming and the town had an affluent middle class..

Casas Consistoriales, the Town Hall of Mazarron
Sala de exposiciones Casas Consistoriales Mazarrón The construction of the building began on July 9 1889 with Francisco de Ródenas as the architect although two years later the project was taken over by the architect Francisco de Paula y Oliver, who was working in Cartagena although originally from Catalunya. This time was the era of greatest productivity in the Mazarrón mines, at a time when the town had 40,000 inhabitants and a wealthy..

The public library in Puerto de Mazarron
Biblioteca Puerto de Mazarrón Biblioteca Puerto de Mazarrón Avenida Costa Cálida 1 30860 Puerto de Mazarrón Telephone 968 332 049 Winter opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.30 to 15.00 and 17.00 to 19.30. Summer opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8.30 to 15.00 and 16.00 to 20.00. Friday 8.30 to 15.00. The library in Puerto de Mazarrón has wi-fi, Internet, a children´s section and a local section, as..

Jardín de la Purísima in Mazarron
The park of La Purísima in Mazarrón The Jardín de la Purísima is an open public garden located in the heart of Mazarrón and is a hub of daily life for residents of the town. Its main function is to provide a green recreational space for daily use. Many of those in the town live in apartments and lack gardens, so as well as substantial planting offering plenty of shade, the gardens also have a play area for children. There are..

The wetlands of Las Moreras in Mazarron
A protected nature reserve and Ramsar site between Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón The landscape in and around Mazarrón is generally dry, but there is a pocket of 72 hectares of land near the coast between Puerto de Mazarrón and Bolnuevo which has been included in the Ramsar network of wetlands throughout the world. The wetlands of Las Moreras occupy the final stretch of the rambla (an irregular stream which fills with water only in times..

The Ateneo Cultural or Casino in Mazarron
This late 19th century building was constructed during a period of great prosperity in Mazarrón Work has been completed in the town of Mazarrón to restore and renovate the old Ateneo Cultural, or Casino, which was built in the late 19th century at a time when there was great wealth and prosperity in the area due to the mining activity in the mountains just north of the town centre. Very little concrete evidence exists regarding the origins..

The parish church of San José in Puerto de Mazarron
Parroquia de San José  in Puerto de Mazarrón This is the main Catholic church in Puerto de Mazarrón, and Mass is held in Spanish throughout the year. Two other churches in Mazarrón itself also offer Mass 12 months a year, the most central being the Iglesia del Convento de la Purísima. Winter Mass times at San José are as follows: Monday: 9.30 Tuesday to Friday: 19.30 Eve of Feast days: 19.00 Sundays and Feast days: 12.30..

Mazarrón Marina and Cabezo de la Cebada
Cabezo de la Cebada viewing point and Club de Regatas Mazarrón The Cabezo de la Cebada is the headland between the Playa de Bahía beach and the Playa de la Ermita on the south-facing coastline of Mazarrón, and has been equipped with wooden decking to create walkways and seating areas, leading up to an attractive viewing point at the top. This decking  continues along the front of the Playa de la Ermita. A quaint custom amongst local..

Casa de Cultura or Centro Cultural, Mazarron
A multi-use building for cultural and arts activities in the town of Mazarrón This is an impressive purpose-built structure located on the outskirts of Mazarrón in Calle Entierro de la Sardina, close to the municipal sports pavilion, and has a number of multi-use spaces as well as a library. These include offices and rehearsal room, dressing room, cafeteria, music room, several classrooms for training and courses, toilets and storage..

Paseo Maritimo and Puerto Deportivo, Puerto de Mazarron
These areas are busy in summer and are a popular place to eat in the Puerto de Mazarrón The Paseo Marítimo and the Puerto Deportivo in the Puerto de Mazarrón run along behind the beaches of Rihuete and Puerto, offering a long shaded walkway lined with shops and restaurants. Although the whole area is joined into one long leisure space, they are often referred to as being two completely different locations. The Paseo Marítimo basically..